1. Thursday, May 24, 2018

    do you ever get super discouraged 

    do you ever feel like wanting to quit

    do you ever think, holy crap the haters are right!

    do you ever say, fuck this shit im better than this hassle

    do you ever wonder, why me god, arent i your favorite son

    do you ever say to yourself this is not my beautiful wife

    do you sometimes just throw yourself in your bed and cry into your pillow as your cats lick your heels

    and then you kick them away

    do you ever look at your bank account and stock portfolio and assets and inside your safe and say

    i know money is bullshit but mama mia im a college grad AND a homeless person

    do you ever raise your fist at the sky and say just take me now

    do you ever point at your enemy and say i feel so terrible i curse you and everyone who supports you

    do you ever think even my blog isn’t any good any more which means im not any good any more

    and then do you think maybe i was never worth shit even in the past

    do you ever find yourself passing out on so much stress and anger and angst and booze and pills and

    and and and that you say yes this is how i wanna end it, passed out on a koreatown bench

    me neither.