it is now my duty to completely drain you

almost every day i think i am the luckiest man alive

rock never got any better than this

and i got to see so much of the last good stuff

and i am so grateful.

it is so hard for me to believe that nobody could ever make mtv profitable again.

that station influenced so much of the pop charts in radio across the world.

now that there is no one to tell them what to program they are lost

they have no clue how to help develop artists

and they are victims of technology

because instead of steering innovation

they are trying to react to it in the dumbest ways.

if a nirvana knocked on their door today they wouldn’t have

one good idea to honor it

and help it blossom.

it’s weird how much of what is happening today is things going in the wrong direction

today the GOP majority supreme court said its ok for employers

to steal from employees

today interview magazine said they’re folding shop

today they said the new rams football stadium is gonna cost $4 billion.

and today the guy at the tire shop said my stem is gonna cost $125 to replace.

all i know is i ate some delicious curry with a pretty girl

as prince and then the gap band played over the sound system

and soon summer’ll be here.