saw U2 play last night at the forum

it wasn’t good.

amber, who is sweet about everything, even looked at me about 90 minutes in and was like wtf

they played a few hits, but the rest of the show was new songs, and old songs that no one liked even back then.

and i like MLK, i mean who doesnt, but must we hear Pride in the Name of Love every time U2 throws a party?

the stage was cool and they moved around the stadium a ton, so those of us in the back corner were very happy

but still.

and to top it off, Ticketmaster gave us an email before the show saying Doors Open at 6:30pm, and U2 starts at 8pm sharp.

we got there at 8:11pm terrified that we had missed some, but we hadn’t.

so we went to get some food and drink, i was surprised at how some of the bars had no lines.

i was like, yo can i get a diet coke for the lady and 8 shots of rum for me?

dude was all, yes, but we are closed until the band starts.

i was like hmmm, weird, but whatevs, whats a few minutes.

fuckers didnt go on till 9pm.

and then gave us weak sauce.

U2 has delivered the magic every time I ever saw them play.

zero magic last night. super disappointing.

this is what happens when youre rich and idealistic and you think you can get away with not playing Streets Have No Name or With or Without You.

you cant.

even Dylan plays Blowin in the Wind every show.

even Dylan.