1. Monday, May 28, 2018

    sometimes i forget the magic tricks 

    that got me here

    that make me me

    that make me better than the others

    that make me sparkle a little on the lineup

    and one of those things is


    what happens is i get hella impatient and assume that just because one plus one is working out, that two plus two should be right in the pocket too

    but they are mutually exclusive.

    and constantly changing. see it’s not even 2 plus 2 any more it’s 3 times ten.

    everythings constantly moving and spinning and growing and mutating. youre old enough to know that curveballs not gonna hit you.

    and if it does youve got a helmet on.

    walked through DTLA tonight alone, eating from a bag of funyuns feeling good.

    maybe a little too good.