sometimes you have a good time and you dont even realize it

i have no memory of what happened this weekend

i just know that amber was sick, the cats napped on the foot of the bed

the workers wrecked my shower and we had to put plastic on the walls to keep it from ruining what the workers had done

i got a new toaster oven and burned my remaining bagels

drove downtown a few times

met a former NSA and CIA director and he said whats up mr XBI

saw my buddy matt and i drank Francis Ford Coppola’s wine

watched the Sopranos pilot listened to U2 because i bought us U2 tickets

drove to AAA this morning bright and early to pay $320 for car registration

lady goes oh we dont take credit cards (!) so i go wheres a Chase? she says a few blocks

it was like 6 blocks past every boystown bar and restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd

it was 69 degrees

the zipcode of where i walked is 90069

got back a little sweaty and she gave me my sticker and im all oh yeah

im tired but in a good way. im old in a new way. i watched donald glover (pictured, right) on SNL while amber snoozed then this morning we watched his new video which disturbed her.

shes very sensitive.

im not sure shes gonna make it through all the Sopranos but i hope she does.

i have a good life. she makes good food. very healthy. i may live after all. we have 2 mile walks and then uber pool home. when we do she tells the driver that im a driver and we talk and she puts it on instagram story.

im hungry for big things.

friday i interviewed the genius behind the special effects of star wars. he was really nice to me

and after it published he all caps wrote me with HIGH PRAISE.