the funny thing about twitter we pretend it’s not dangerous

bloggers could have told you decades ago that writing what you really feel

in public

is a risky proposition, especially if you are a bad person deep down.

now im one of the few people who didn’t vote for the president who liked the new Rosanne reboot.

sure it was cheesy at times and dumb at others, but for the most part it was funny

and a few of the people wore Cubs stuff.

also, Rosanne was an Uber driver, which is hilarious to me, now more than ever.

the fact that her character was a Trump supporter, i thought was punk rock

because the majority of Trump supporters have this weird false idea that this allegedly rich dude

who has never done anything for working people like The Connors

is suddenly looking out for the average American family.

and the new Roseanne show painted that twisted image beautifully in all of its shabby chic pathetickness.

but TV Rosie would have never known what Real Life Rosie was all about because TV Rosie didn’t use Twitter or get shoutouts from the president or did she have 685,5000 followers.

she was just a grandma with bad knees with a decent one-liner every 2 minutes.

Real Rosie believes in conspiracy theories, thinks racist jokes are funny, and just tweeted millions of dollars down the drain.

which is to say nothing about her cast and crew who are now jobless.

the funny thing about twitter is it is fire and it can burn those who don’t respect it

and one way to respect it is to respect others.

Rosanne is old enough to know that comparing black people to apes is like suicide by cop.

she waved her gun around hoping to get shot and they shot her down.

what i wish she would have done is taken that devil-may-care attitude to having her character express


why she, who prospered during Obama, suddenly is backing the opposite of that.

but sometimes intellectualism doesn’t reach across the aisle.

even if it would have meant even bigger ratings.