been reading Oscar Levant’s “the memoirs of an amnesiac”

he’s talking about taking a train into LA’s union station

and how when he does he always goes to this newsstand and asks for a new yorker.

but one day the lady at the newsstand really rubs him the wrong way when she tells him she’s all out of new yorkers.

after that he vows to go to “an inferior newsstand” to avoid dealing with her ever again.

because he was a concert pianist, the new yorker would review his concerts and sometimes give him bad reviews.

it got me thinking how hard it is to write a good bad music review. you dont want to utterly destroy the performer, but you want to be colorful and entertaining. but ultimately you are judging the most subjective thing there is: art.

when i was at the record store in the mid 80s there were two bands that were bubbling under. fishbone and the red hot chili peppers.

both were good and funky and creative and fun and funny and all the things youd want if you were 18 like i was.

and if you had asked me: one of these bands is going to get huge and be a world wide sensation through the year 2018, which one would it be?

i would have said Fishbone, no question. Because as good as the Chili Peppers is, 18 year old me woulda said, ultimately they are derivative of PFunk mixed with a little more rock, but still white dudes doing fast funk.

and i would have been wrong. and their biggest tune, “under the bridge”, would have proven me a fool because it isnt funk and it isnt fast.

which is why i would add, it’s tough to make a good bad music review… that stands up to the test of time.


im at a social media conference today

i dont go to a lot of conferences.

its like church, though, i might avoid it, but im always glad once im there.

the problem is when the successful people talk either they dont know how they got successful

or no way in hell are they gonna tell you the secret

for free

right there in front of everyone else.

i like to go for the snacks.

this year the clear winner is this blueberry fig bar.

imagine a Fig Newton but made of healthy ingrediants

and the size of a small wallet.

sat outside for lunch yesterday, took off my cubs hat and 20 minutes later i got a pretty good tan/burn. shoulda used sunscreen.

back in the day i spoke at a conference or two. i won an award at a conference. probably got the job to work at LAist because of a conference.

but the thing about social media is there are no secrets there.

if you go for it, you will reap rewards because most of the scene is half-assing it.

same way most of the blogosphere half assed it. which is why they stopped blogging.

those that go all out in social win, not because of algorithms or posting at a particular time of day

but because they are fully committed and will try anything

including some of the dumbest things ever, i cant believe youd brag about it at a conference.

the weirdest thing is the traffic. it took nearly an hour and a half to get from santa monica to east hollywood at around 6.