1. Sunday, June 24, 2018

    picked up a guy at a fancy hotel 


    as i normally do at hotels i ask the people if theyre in from out of town.

    chicago! he said. older guy, which is what this hotel usually caters to.

    i turned my cubs hat around and said, “did you see this?”

    we laughed and i knew things would be good.

    but i didnt expect them to be this good.

    i asked, what are you out here to do?

    “im here to visit my daughter.”

    oh what does she do?

    he said, “shes in a band, but unless you were a high school girl in the 90s you probably haven’t heard of them.”


    he asked, have you ever heard of Veruca Salt?

    i was all, omg The Seether? American Thighs! (i couldnt recall their followup hit)

    we talked about the Beatles, the Stones, the Who. he told me that The Dave Clark Five were just as good, i told him I would look them up.

    then he told me this great story about a friend of his whose son didn’t get accepted into an ivy league school.

    he said, “oh it will be ok.”

    the depressed dad said, “are you crazy? you’re a father. don’t you want things for your kids?”

    and my passenger said that he thought about it and finally concluded the most beautiful thing

    he said, “i do want something for my kids. i hope that they love music.”

    rarely do i shake my passenger’s hands, but after that one i did.