things i used to want, ranked

1. an actual satellite dish

2. to be the manager of the Cubs

3. 12 kids

4. three wives

5. an ’82 Corvette

6. to read a book a month

7. to be a preacher

8. to be in the air force

9. for everyone to love me

10. a boat

11. a fridge in the garage

12. shelves that line my ceiling so i can put all my books

13. a Harvard degree

14. 5 acres on the Umpqua River

15. to win the lottery yesterday

16. to run MTV

17. to get an A in any of my college classes at UCSB

18. to be mayor of Isla Vista

19. to meet Angus Young

20. a farm

21. a fine collection of toupees

22. for people to understand each other completely