watched a good movie on amazon prime today

it’s a quasi fictional tale about Burt Reynolds, starring Burt Reynolds

about him going back to where he grew up to reminice and make amends.

and it reminded me a bit about this last trip to santa barbara because thats where i grew up.

theres two places that will always hold special places in my heart, the suburbs of illinois

and isla vista california 93117.

amber was such a good sport about going to all the places, eating the foods, talking to the people.

there was a lot we didn’t do, but the things we did do were perfect.

of note was going to the Arlington to see Jurassic World 2 – and thanks to Movie Pass it was free, which is crazy because that theatre is so magical.

i took Jeanine there once to see Bob Dylan and it was like being in church. once Karisa and i went up there to see Seinfeld do stand up.

we went to the courthouse, then up the tower stairs to see the whole damn scene. we went up to Cold Springs Tavern to see where the cowboys used to drink and rob each other. we walked down Del Playa.

we walked everywhere.

like Burt, I have had a good, full life. we both posed nude for Cosmo, we both drive cool cars, and we look our best with a hat on.

tonight is the fourth of July. amber is sleep but soon she will waken and we will either walk up to Griffith Observatory or I will drive us into the Hollywood Hills so we can see LA show us its tailfeather.

it’s hard to believe how much Trump wants to ruin this great planet.

maybe he doesn’t have a DP to walk down

to remind him of where he started to learn everything.

im so glad i do.