drove a nice gay dude from weho to dtla

super fascinating. sat in the front seat. apparently has lots of money and was cool.

so lets go.

drove through traffic and he was talking talking talking which was fine with me.

first he told me about his crazy friends who were buying and selling houses, then he was telling me about how he drives luxury cars too for fun and profit

but then he started telling me about when he was a paramedic in nyc.

“back then before GPS we would just park in an alley and sleep. if we heard a call come in like ‘Alex22, Alex22 are you there?’ we would just ignore it until they sent it to another vehicle. but some of those would balk at it. finally dispatch would say ‘Alex22 logging you out of the system in 3 seconds.’ and we would click the radio and say ‘Alex22 responding.'”

but a lot of times they would nap.

one day, he told me, they were in an alley and they heard that there were gunshots about two blocks away from them. so he told his partner to drive over to where he heard the sound. his partner was all, “fuck that, lets wait for the cops to get there.”

he was like, “we are literally 2 minutes away, lets roll, see whats happening, if its the wild west we will speed through but if theres a victim, lets do our DAMN JOB!”

so they drove and saw this teen boy literally gushing blood. gunshot to the neck.

my dude jumps out of the ambulance, and sees that every time the teen’s heart pumps, blood squirts out high and far from the wound. so he shoved his hand in the poor guy’s neck and blocks the artery. cops finally come.  they all help him get the guy in the back of the ambulance, they speed to the hospital, the whole time keeping his finger on the hole.

when they made it to the hospital and got him into the operating room they finally let him get his finger out of that bloody neck and bing bang boom he ended up ok.

my dude got a note a month later and they said not only did the victim walk out of there, but he had zero brain issues.

i asked, is that the most heroic thing you ever did?

he said, it’s way up there.

but then he tipped me $5, which was heroic for me!