tony, what if someone doesnt like you because of politics

gentle reader, i was the only black kid in grade school and junior high.

the way i look at it, i was lucky that anyone liked me for any reason.

but weirdly lots of people liked me. so bonus.

but dont get me wrong, lots of people also didnt like me, for many reasons, some of which are valid.

for example i am a loud mouth. for another reason, sometimes i omg get things wrong.

also i was punched a few times for being black. i wouldnt call it beating beat up, we were small kids and they didnt have a lot of strength. if anything it hurt emotionally to hear the n word accompanied with other kids holding me while another kid hit me.

and of course there was that time when i asked a girl to be my girlfriend in 6th grade and she said no because she said her dad would kill her.

those experiences and others made me believe the best thing I ever could: who cares if people like you as long as you are being cool to everyone.

thus i have had zero problems talking politics, the cubs, music, religion, or anything on this blawwwwg, or in life, or in my dreams, because who cares.

heres who you should care likes you:

the Lord

my mom,

and puppies.