took amber to see Weezer and the Pixies last night

it was great.

i was nervous we werent gonna go because when i got home she was dead tired and napping.

i have an interesting relationship with her in that right before i come home she starts napping.

the cats are the opposite, they nap when im out, but when i get home they pop to life and hug me, take my hat, fetch me my slippers and pack my pipe.

amber though is snoring and smiling. you can literally see the Zzzzs floating from her pretty face.

i got home before 7. by 730p she was still in snoozeville and i was getting nervous because twitter told me that the Pixies were scheduled to go on at 8pm. i live more than a half hour from the Fabulous Forum so i was like please wake up please wake up.

at 7:50p she was up, dressed, had a hot black metal number on, bright red lipstick

Lyft for some reason knew i was going to the show and gave us a free ride there.

got this driver who told us he drives 60 hours a week. he rents his car from Lyft and if he can drive that much the car only cost $30 a week. all he has to do is pay for gas which he says is a tank a day. maybe a half a tank, i dont know, my head exploded with the 60 rides thing.

got to the show and the Pixies, who i thought were about to end, were only in the middle of their set. they were pretty good. amber was surprised that frank black was fat. i was all, girl, bro has been fat since before you were born.

weezer came out and their set (seen above, pic by DVL) was a tribute to their Happy Days / Buddy Holly video. Then after a few songs the set changed to their “garage” (yes the one I once jammed in with Rivers) , then it changed to a traditional Rock Set.

then rivers took a Bird scooter through the crowd and sang Amber two songs from a little boat that he later sailed to Catalina.

true quote from Amber during her favorite tune that Rivers pretty much sang right to her: “this is my favorite concert ever.”

so i guess she’s happy she rose from her nap.

oh yeah, they also did Africa by Toto and Weird Al showed up to play his accordian