i love the internet with all my heart

in part because i was there when it began.

not began began, that was in the 60s in military bases and universities (one being UCSB) but i mean when it started to hit ACTUAL PEOPLE

for some reason God had put me in San Francisco and i knew people like MC Marc Brown who had some good computers and a decent modem and he showed me some of the first web pages. the year was 1994.

we were amazed. back then there were more Newsgroups than web pages, but they did the trick. we got news readers. we got as fast of internet connections as we could. we subscribed to Wired. we learned HTML.

here it is now nearly 25 years later and i still love the web as much as ever, in part because despite all the technological improvements, at it’s heart the web is still: pictures, text, and honest communication.

and if you cant be honest, be funny.

it’s good to know that you don’t need to learn Flash or CSS or 3D rendering or be the most beautiful girl in your town to reach a large amount of people.

and it has been a blessing to be able to get paid all these years while representing some of the coolest companies online.

however, my favorite place in the world is still this humble blog because here i can experiment with this and that and use what i learn in this tiny petrie dish and apply it in the places where i spend my 9 to 5. and for that i will always be grateful of this url.

my struggle comes in discussing my findings with others. mostly because i believe in science and others believe in things other than science. it’s algebra, actually. if the goal is to get X and you know you have to use A, then A + B = X

it’s sooooo simple. but the real world doesn’t work that way. regardless if you’re talking to girlfriends or parents or neighbors, often they don’t want to include B to A to produce X, they want to use C.

if you’re lucky C might magically work, but odds are it won’t, otherwise it wouldnt be called C, it would be called B.

B is the answer. i know it’s the answer. and part of me knows that they know B is the answer. but B makes people feel weird for some reason.

and here’s the part that makes me be sad:

i am often B.