1. Monday, August 20, 2018

    i was so sick last week 

    and then i went to the urgent care and the dude told me to bend over and pull down my pants

    and i was all, so this is what it’s come to?

    and he gave me a shot into one cheek

    and another in the other cheek

    and he gave me a bunch of pills

    and he said drink lots of water and pray to the Lord

    and kiss that pretty girl i see on your blog

    and i swear to you within an hour i could feel the Good fighting the Evil

    and i was all, Work Bitch Work!

    the night before i had coughed so much i began puking. i coughed so much one of my cats shut the bathroom door because i was disturbing her.

    i was coughing so much my lungs were hurting and my throat was sore and i was running out of TP

    but then after visiting the urgent care there i was healthy, feeling like Robert Plant on the balcony of the Riot Hyatt in ’73

    i could eat again, sing again, dance again.

    we are such fragile, sensitive, weird little sacks of miracles.

    tiny doses of chemicals can alter us so much, just like how the meanest sneer can bum our days.

    i never want to be the reason anyone feels down

    except for those jackasses on twitter who are probably russian bots

    i want to be the booty shot of love.

    i wanna be your miracle drug.

    think good thoughts.