1. Monday, August 13, 2018

    last night we saw Randy Newman at the Bowl 

    it was a perfect night, weatherwise and otherwise

    it was only about 2/3rds full which made things soooo much better

    no huge lines for anything, plenty of room to get around and lots of space in the rows, where we were, in the middle.

    on top of that, we lucked out and got a row that had no one in front of our two seats, so

    leg room for dayssssssss (pictured)

    randy has recorded like five million records in his long and storied career

    this show was supposed to be him, the Hollywood Bowl orchestra, and an all star band

    playing at least one song from each of his albums

    it was so great.

    he played pretty much all my favorite tunes and the orchestra added a lot because his music has always been so cinematic

    even before he started writing music for Pixar and Disney films.

    most of the Bowl events let you bring your own food so i packed lots of salad fixins for her

    and i grabbed some grocery store sushi for myself, and chips and a Mexicoke (pictured)

    it was a really beautiful night out there in Hollywood

    but because i am a sensitive poet i think my nose was affected by all the fires burning around us

    and today im a little sniffley and headachey

    after the show we walked down like 2 miles which was hard on Amber because she had heels on (pictured)

    but the good thing is we got to walk around Hollywood and take pics of all the best thing

    like Ice Cube’s star

    a totally random wall

    and my favorite building in Hollywood that no one has ever gone into because it’s haunted, barren, unlivable

    and full of dead bodies probably

    afterwards we watched John Oliver and passed out

    The End