today we are going to weezer and the pixies

last night amber dyed her hair to prepare

me, i shaved and got a hair cut.

it was so hot today – like 95 degrees.

but in my office it was super cold. i have a little space heater. imagine that.

plus i wore a little hoodie.

i hardly ever eat at work, just nibble. my life is so boring.

all amber and i ever do is walk around and say hi to homeless people and then eat tacos.

thats what we did yesterday.

i had bought her a bowl of soup at Pho 2000 but still when we got home i was like, let me change into shorts and lets walk to Silver Lake

you gotta get in your steps.

you gotta live.

the more you live the more your body is all hell yeah.

so keep living, rock stars.

never die.