courage is not an easy thing for everyone

and just because someone either lacks backbone or always takes the easy way out doesn’t make them dishonorable or worthy of ridicule.

not everyone is cut out to stand in front of the group,


and say, no, this is the way.

that is true leadership, which has its roots in courage.

neither are easy.

but we saw it in spades with the good Doctor who testified so wonderfully yesterday.


we call Senators and Congresspeople political leaders because they have been chosen to assume that difficult role.

they are paid, they are given security, they are granted universal healthcare and excellent pensions, because they have asked and received the daunting task of being the voice in the wilderness to say

this is the way.

which is why when we watch what is happening in the Senate today, particularly in this vote for the would-be next Supreme Court Justice, there seems to be a giant lack of courage.

a pathetic evaporation of leadership,

and worse, a blind refusal at representative governance.

the people do not want this man on the bench, and yet the GOP Senators who could investigate the serious allegations against him do not have the gumption to stand apart from their partisan boys club and say

this is the way.

when this happens in the petty pace of day to day to the average man or woman, it can be forgiven, for a multitude of reasons.

but when actual leaders, who swore to protect and defend the country, not the party, give in to peer pressure or political pressures or the fear of reprisal, financial or otherwise,

it is disgusting and unforgivable.

courage is not an easy thing for anyone. our brains are programmed to protect the body from danger.

but there is no danger in doing what the heart knows is the right path.