1. Sunday, September 30, 2018

    cubs played their last game of the season today 

    and because they won, and because they have the same record as the milwaukee brewers, and because the cubs beat the brewers more than the brewers beat them this year

    tomorrow they will play each other at wrigley field

    to see who is the champion of the NL Central.

    now the good news is whoever loses tomorrow is still in the playoffs because their records are so good

    but the winner gets home field advantage through the playoffs

    and they get an extra day off

    two things the Cubs could seriously use.

    i feel good about tomorrow because the Cubs are playing a lot better than they have the last month

    and they’re at home, and they tend to beat the Brew Crew

    and the Bears played incredibly today

    and good things are happening to me personally

    and the weather has been great

    so tonight amber and i celebrated by going to sushi. she had just gotten a really good tip. we had soup and sushi and edamame. it was really nice. but the whole time i had a hard time relaxing

    because once a week i have to do these check ins and

    all i want is to be left alone when im being creative.

    all i want is to be trusted.

    youd think after over 50 years of rock n roll people would look at my record and know not only am i responsible but imma kick ass at what i set my mind to.

    and lord knows my mind is set on this.

    lets hope the Cubs are as motivated as i am.