1. Friday, September 21, 2018

    finally this blog will be what i want 

    chicago taught me everything.

    i heard myself talking to people but i was really just talking to myself.

    be yourself

    forget about everything else

    you’re younger than you think

    take pictures of everything

    you’re not alone

    this beer tastes like shit

    midwest summertime humidity and hospitality is the most magical healing combo ive experienced and trust me ive been around the block

    the city and suburbs were warm and green and people, rich and poor look you in the eye and tell you right what they think

    babies too.

    people had cubs hats on, way more sox hats than i expected, bears shirts, and smiles.

    i spotted more than i expected shirtless men.

    and amber seriously fell in love with all of it while all along i kept saying this is all a beautiful illusion, for winter is coming.

    when you get older and you return to certain places you say, oh yeah, over there used to be the bank and before that it was dinner theater and before that it was a drug store

    this time i was turning the dial on the radio and there was no more The Loop.

    one day i’d turn it there and its like love songs or something and i kept it there for longer than i shoulda

    like i was waiting for something magical to happen and it would come back.

    but it never did.

    it never does.)