today was a crazy day

but it was also Sunday during the NFL season which meant all that mattered was one thing, and that is the Chicago Bears.

i know i know im working on a secret project

and the Repubs are trying to steamroll their naughty frat boy through the supreme court process

but morrissey announced that joan jett would be opening for him at his show in LA Live

and the Cubs beat the Sox

and these Cocoa Pebbles are delicious

and i did so much laundry

and yesterday i watched this insane kirk douglas movie where he played this crazy reporter out in the desert and this guy was stuck in a mine and kirk coulda saved him right away but he wanted the story to go on and on

and all these people showed up and there was a carnival and food and the train started stopping there

and old kirk started saying super nice things about the sherriff so in return the sheriff blocked the other reporters from doing things and eventually just made kirk a deputy

there is so much evil in the world. the bible tells us this too.

so much evil in there that the good book says things like

and then Ezekanazl was born and he did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord, as his father had done.

even back then. the good old days. the days before all the minorities showed up and ruined things by working for super cheap (or free) and accepting the scraps as if they were gold. even then people in power were being super selfish and mean to the less fortunate.

and every time a beggar asks me for money i think, am i being tested? and then i think, shit, they’re being tested and thats one i would fail: try to live in LA while being stinky and homeless and jobless and undereducated.

oh it was crazy out there, all right.

i read a bunch of Job and i dont know which way to go with it. he’s right to be pissed off, and his friends are right to tell him to trust God, but mama mia, theres another test i would fail and fail and fail.

once upon a time someone tried to take stuff away from me and i tried to reason with him but then it appeared that people wanted him to take things from me and i was all, am i the crazy one then?

so old Job must have thought, wait, i didnt do shit wrong, now my family dead, i got these bumps all over my face and my friends are saying i need to just put myself in time out. wtf is happening?

and the bible says, tonight wasn’t crazy, every day is crazy.