1. Tuesday, September 4, 2018

    we are in this together, you, me, and you & me 

    when we shake hands or hug or kiss cheeks we are saying

    we are world travelers in time and space and emotions but here we are at the same spot together

    because the world is small.

    when we refuse to touch, when we deny that moment of humanism, brotherhood, sisterhood

    we are saying the world frightens me, you scare me, your hand your intentions, your mind.

    when we refuse, you are saying, i want to be in my world and mine is different than yours

    yours is one of x, y, and z and mine is nothing at all like yours, and certainly not from a

    loving, trusting, honestly communicating place.

    when he refuses your hand, he is saying, i cannot even pretend to be civil right now


    he is saying i am of a different class than you, a better one – even if i am weak.

    when we shake hands we are saying we are one, we are we, we have very briefly unionized and merged.

    but when we refuse that hand, that very simple gesture that goes back all the way to the begining

    we are saying this is not the begining

    it is the end.

    and we have both failed.