pros and cons of working from home

pros: strangely less distracting as i never turn on the tv or radio. my home office is a quiet little sweatshop.

cons: i miss all the people.

pros: no need for pants!

cons: i was getting headaches because my face is smooshed into this bigass macbook pro.

pros: i learned that the 99 cent store has a generic version of Excedrin that knocks that headache into last week.

pros: no need for shirts!

cons: i eat way more.

pros: but i am spending less because eating at home is way cheaper.

cons: there are way more people at your work that you meet than you think, and i miss them.

pros: if someone says, meet me at noon across town for that thing you wanna do for that secret project you dont need to ask permission or get time off, you just say hell yeah bro, and you’re there.

cons: you’re out of the loop.

pros: the loop distracted you from the things you really wanted to do anyways. the loop is overrated.

cons: you work all night and on the weekends when you work from home.

pros: sometimes your girlfriend is off in the middle of the week and you can hang with you as you work and that may be the best of all.

cons: she probably misses her alone time at the crib.