oh let the sun beat down upon my face

Here’s what I think about National Coming Out Day

I have had gay co-workers, teachers, bosses, and friends.

On average they treated me with respect and taught me some great lessons.

I’ve heard that 10% of the population is gay.

If that’s true, I’ll say this: I wish more were, because the ones I know are fantastic and I’m grateful that they were (and are) in my life.

Now about the Bible, which I also love, which I think confuses casual readers regarding this topic.

While it’s true that early in the book there are references to this and that,

later in the book comes a man named Jesus.

And after Jesus has experienced life on Earth as a real man, He said this, he said

I have a New Commandment: love one another, like I’ve loved you.

And since Jesus was not homophobic, I think, like with most good books,

we should pay more attention to how it ends than how it begins.

Because it is in mimicking the growth of others to the light

that we become enlightened.