the whisper in the darkness

he’ll go right in your ear and say you aint shit, you cant do that, you faked it before, sure as hell cant even fake it now

and if anyone else in the world whispered that nonsense to you you’d say fool get out my way

but as sonic youth and lydia lunch whisper

youre right

youre right

you are right

which is what you should say to the devil when he’s got your ear

and the bat’s got yr tongue.

(so when you say it say it like you mean it

say it like) it’s the first time youve heard it

not the millionth – that day

deep in the gully

down on the yonder

i wanna i wanna i wanna i wanna

last night was the first night i didnt drive uber on halloween

im immersed in the secret project and i have no desire to do anything else.

i want this to be great. it reminds me of the three other times i was totally into something:

when i was in high school in the marching band and we won State

when i was in college and we won all the newspaper awards.

and when i ran LAist.

the only difference on this one is im pretty much alone.

i love teams, especially fantastic teams. i miss having a team.

but every video game is different. on this one you’re mostly alone.

so be it.