a year ago today i had the most painful kidney stone

documented beautifully here.

since then ive taken it easy on the Cokes, only one a day max. but usually just half of one.

days like yesterday, none.

it’s weird to have addictions and maybe mine is coca-cola.

id drink three a day if i could.

im jealous of people who can drink a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer and not have any side effects.

my effects are literally in my side.

is it the syrup that fucks me over? coke is mostly water. i see it come out of the fountain at mcdonalds.

maybe my kidney just isn’t perfect and the chemical imbalance with pop screws it up?

who knows.

will this be the thing i ask God about first if im lucky enough to meet him? no.

but it would be nice if in Heaven they go over our body and tell us what the issues Really were and what we should have done to prevent them.

why is my belly so fat? why were my eyes so good. why did booze never affect me negatively? why was i able to get away with so much? was it the xbi? was it genes? speaking of, exactly who was in my family tree? tell me about africa. tell me how so much lightness ended up in the skin of me and my relatives on both sides.

i would love for that recap to happen before all the parties and hoo haw of the afterlife commences.

today i have to go to the police department. we have a neighbor who has been worse in the past, who has tried, but things could be better. one of the things is the sprinklers on their grass. they’re way too high. i get my car washed at least once a week but i can never park over night by this guy because the water literally sprays all the way up the side and on to my roof. thats how powerful they are and how little regard he has about wasting water.

afterwards i need to run back and finish this part of the project. two days ago amber had a little run in with a restaurant that distracted me. yesterday she was home but spent time away from the house enjoying her day off. then we went for a nice walk and went to a $4 Pho joint. we have a simple life.

her pa wants us to join he and his sister for thanksgiving up in thousand oaks. thankfully theyre all ok. i havent been to too many turkey days with a gf’s parents but the ones ive been to were nice. he’s a good guy. former military. big wig. secret. but thats all behind him now. thankfully.

may everything be behind us in due time.