i’m a weirdo, i like to see movies at the movie theater

i have three giant tvs in my tiny apartment

i have surround sound systems and sound bars and sub woofers

i have a beautiful girlfriend who prances around in exotic outfits.

but almost every week theres a movie out there that i want to see and i want to see it in the theater with the latest sound

and in comfortable chairs that i would never be able to afford

and eat popcorn and drink coke and listen to how the audience reacts and then hear them afterwards say this or that.

i always learn something when i go to the movies.

when moviepass dropped their prices down to $10 a month last year i got one for my mom, amber and myself. but because amber has an outrageous schedule, we hardly ever went.

now that moviepass is dunzo (basically) (even though theyre still charging me for something) i sucked it up and bought the AMC theaters $20 a month pass which is good for any movie even the IMAX and 3D ones.

so yesterday i went and saw Ralph Breaks The Internet in 3D.

im seriously thinking about getting a website called shouldiseeitin3D.com because who knows unless you see it.

i really liked the movie but no you dont need to see it in 3D. if anything it’s distracting because its blurry and it takes away from the really good animation.

since you can see 3 movies a week on this plan i might go to another movie tomorrow after church and then sneak into Ralph afterwards to rewatch the second half.

heres the lesson i learned yesterday: tim burton, sara silverman, even johnny depp – weird and creatively wild people. probably wouldn’t pass a drug test. have definitely seen some shit, if not been the ring leader to some shit.

and yet they have made a fortune off Disney and vice versa.

why? because every story needs Edge.

and if you can package that edge in such a way, then it fits perfectly into the Disney formula.

lesson: you are not too weird to sell out and get rich, and it might not even be a sell out.