deep down i dont know what, but deepr down i do

every time i go to this, i forget. but here we are now, entertain us.

right now theres only two things i wanna blog about when i blog and the first is blogging which is boring and the other is amber which will bore you.

i wanna write about her because shes a mystery. the whole thing is a day dream. 

every girlfriend ive had has been so different than the others and some of the things that some liked the others hated and likewise some things that they hated about me, the others loved. so youre constantly adjusting, as you should, and expecting something to go terribly wrong if this happens but nothing wrong goes wrong when that happens so you move on. 

amber is pure of spirit. she only wants the best for all parties. she is perfectly situated as a concierge because service is so important to her that shes at work an hour early every day, completely prepared, and ready to take on every task. 

she takes the bus home, cleans up a little, cooks, and then urges me to do yoga with her and then eats four salads. her oddities remind me that im weirder than everyone combined so i should shut the hell up. but her peculiarities are amusing and not annoying. unless we are driving.

monday we had the fanciest dinner of all time for free because she won employee of the month. they fed us well and in turn i overtipped because thats how it should be. today was her company party so we returned and ate giant shrimps and shook a million peoples hands and drove through hollywood which i must tell you is one of my pure joys of life

while having my hand on her leg, listening to sinatras christmas album

got home, and as she was falling asleep she said, turn off tv now

which sends me to the living room with the cats

and i watched the manchurian candidate which was way different than i expected.