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maybe the key is writing first and then seeing what happens then adding the photo after, which is the opposite of how blogging should be but whatever.

it was raining pretty bad this morning. so bad it was wonderful. i was able to get some work done and i was considering ordering postmates even though you cant get that too often.

however, what a better time than if its raining?

but then i got a text message from the young lady who was all its raining i was all yeah and she was like come get me

only reason i did was cuz it’s the fourth day of hanukkah and everyone knew it was supposed to rain

so i figured no one would be on the roads and luck be a lady, the roads were clear.

picked her up. went to Pho 2000, ran a few errands and we were in bed by 5:30pm watching game of thrones. by 6:30pm she was alseep and i was back to work.

this is the incredible star studded life all of us in hollywood are living.