1. Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    it’s my fault 

    i should have been a teacher. i should have just done what i needed to do when i was in college when i had the chance to be a sub then a real teacher. and i should have done it.

    maybe we all should have done it. but we wanted to live wild lives and meet weird people and not do what would have been better for the country and the world

    and just, day after day, week after week, teach these kids that

    no the world isnt flat

    no the things you see on infowars and fox news arent even close to the truth

    if it snows that doesnt mean theres not crazy ass climate change that future generations are going to hate us for.

    dear future generations: i am sorry. i am very sorry. this planet had its ups and downs but youre fucked and its our fault not yours. im sorry i acted selfishly. im sorry. i really am.