First Trump, now this. Is nothing sacred?

Must everything be put through the shit machine and devalued for the all mighty dollar or the spectacle of novelty? Let’s hire a bozo to run the country, let’s let the failed experiment in the AL become the new normal in the senior circuit.

Even though my Cubs will benefit today, where will kids learn about the nuances and strategies of managing an NL team in the late innings with a hot pitcher who can’t hit. Do you pinch hit? Do you pull him?

Not everything should be a video game. Not everything should change because “kids today” aren’t interested.

Kids today love Hamilton, smoking Juuls and “dancing” to terrible music.

Actual adults, the majority, don’t mind if baseball games last 4 1/2 hours and pitchers as a whole only hit .133. It’s their failures at the plate that make their successes so much sweeter. It is a reflection of the everyman. It is us. 300 pound washed up sluggers in a DH slot are none of us.

I want my country back.