1. Saturday, February 2, 2019

    its cold in chicago and wet here in LA 

    it’s so nice to hear the rain

    it’s pouring right now. it’s 620am.

    ive been working all day.

    i sleep till noon and work till 5-6am. little breaks here and there. like to eat.

    or clean out the kitty litter. or watch 1 episode of game of thrones with the missus.

    it’s not the life you think it is. i am a hermit. i dont leave. if i really push myself i will walk to the grocery store.

    tomorrow i will work through the super bowl and hopefully by its end i will be done for the week and i can enjoy monday and tues with amber.

    we were gonna go to palm springs but its so cold and wet why bother.

    shes gonna go to yoga a bunch and im gonna declutter like the tidy lady and then go see 2-3 movies with her.

    i have a very simple, life. we drove to get a pizza last night. $5 if you pick it up.

    so we picked it up.

    see how glam life is here in hollywood.