nothing in here is true

  1. Friday, February 8, 2019

    what if the what ifs are right 

    what if the voices are speaking from the future and they know and theyre there to protect us and especially you then what do you do what do you say what if they know

    which is an excellent question for this weeks ask tony and i know the answer to that perfectly and here it is

    there are two songs on the playlist. neither are good. the one is the mopey sad scared boring panicking drone that says its not gonna happen everyones out to get you the end of the world is nigh

    the other is saying oh but youre the exception to the rules youre the chosen one youre the golden child incapable of failure, try, try, try all will be well, and then vacation a little more you deserve it!

    dont you think basketball players at the free throw line hear the people booing and shouting and trying to distract them

    of course. and they know theres nothing good in listening, so they listen to the other song, you can make this, you can do this, you have done it, youve done it millions of times, just hit it and smile on your jog back down the court

    practice your acceptance speeches, not your defenses

    prepare for success, not death

    seek out the fuck yes

  2. Wednesday, February 6, 2019

    First Trump, now this. Is nothing sacred? 

    Must everything be put through the shit machine and devalued for the all mighty dollar or the spectacle of novelty? Let’s hire a bozo to run the country, let’s let the failed experiment in the AL become the new normal in the senior circuit.

    Even though my Cubs will benefit today, where will kids learn about the nuances and strategies of managing an NL team in the late innings with a hot pitcher who can’t hit. Do you pinch hit? Do you pull him?

    Not everything should be a video game. Not everything should change because “kids today” aren’t interested.

    Kids today love Hamilton, smoking Juuls and “dancing” to terrible music.

    Actual adults, the majority, don’t mind if baseball games last 4 1/2 hours and pitchers as a whole only hit .133. It’s their failures at the plate that make their successes so much sweeter. It is a reflection of the everyman. It is us. 300 pound washed up sluggers in a DH slot are none of us.

    I want my country back.

  3. Sunday, February 3, 2019

    stupid bowl 

    adam levine, the singer of the extremely mediocre Maroon 5, could have become a rock and NFL legend today

    musicians from Rihanna to Cardi B turned down the honor of performing at halftime of the Super Bowl this year, in solidarity against the obvious collusion that has kept quarterback Colin Kaepernick out of the NFL.

    through their performance levine took off a jacket, a sweater, and then his shirt before ending the show bare chested and stupid. if under his sweater was a Kaepernick jersey, levine would have won the hearts of gazillions.

    instead neither he nor the band wanted to acknowledge the elephant in the room and they pranced around like dingos, did their tunes, and got off the stage.

    by now we should know that Maroon 5 will not save us. neither will most of the flashes in the pan that for one reason or another hang around beyond their expiration date.

    but in the realm of rock n roll, there is a beautiful history of rebellion and protest that should never be forgotten. once upon a time tattoos were the symbol of defiance and individuality. today it’s just another accessory.

    the nfl chose the right johnny bravos to keep things as least interesting as possible, but one day rock will return.

  4. Saturday, February 2, 2019

    its cold in chicago and wet here in LA 

    it’s so nice to hear the rain

    it’s pouring right now. it’s 620am.

    ive been working all day.

    i sleep till noon and work till 5-6am. little breaks here and there. like to eat.

    or clean out the kitty litter. or watch 1 episode of game of thrones with the missus.

    it’s not the life you think it is. i am a hermit. i dont leave. if i really push myself i will walk to the grocery store.

    tomorrow i will work through the super bowl and hopefully by its end i will be done for the week and i can enjoy monday and tues with amber.

    we were gonna go to palm springs but its so cold and wet why bother.

    shes gonna go to yoga a bunch and im gonna declutter like the tidy lady and then go see 2-3 movies with her.

    i have a very simple, life. we drove to get a pizza last night. $5 if you pick it up.

    so we picked it up.

    see how glam life is here in hollywood.