amber is working six days this week

i think she is worried im not ever gonna get another job again.

i tell her, baby dont worry, if things really go to crap, i’ll get a gofundme and people will buy us a tent and we can move to venice.

that didnt settle her stomach.

so i said this is what id do if it all falls apart. maybe its something i should do anyways. i would start a church. you know i love the lord. you know the bible is my favorite book, you know i look at it differently than a lot of others do.

you know i would be able to get a time in one of the other existing churches around here, like Saturday Nights at 7:16pm.

she goes why then?

because i could say, tune in as we live stream at 6:66pm as homeless tony preaches from the good book live from hollywood, the center of the beginning of the end!

and i would have a little prayer at the beginning. people would shake hands. or hug.

then id say now that we’re warmed up, let’s hear some music, for it is written in Psalm 100, deliver unto the Lord a joyful noise. so ladies and gentlemen: Green Day!

of course Green Day wouldn’t be there. it would be some kids from the neighborhood who would sing something good from the Staples Singers songbook

something like Sit Down, Servant

and then i would read a little from the good book and bring it home as to how it applies today.

then id introduce Green Day again

we dance around

and id say give to caesar whats caesar’s but if you wanna support the rock n roll church, give till it hurts

and the band would play again and that’s church!

she said, we’re gonna die. please get a job.

i said i just got to heaven and i cant sit down

next week i bet she works seven days.