1. Sunday, March 24, 2019

    been eating a lot of baked goods 

    croissants, toast, bagels
    i know i know but hear me out

    then ambers friend needed a couch to crash on for a few days
    so ambers like fuck that, take the whole place

    my.space.bar.isnt.working. ah there it is

    anyways so now we’re gonna go on a little road trip since we have someone to watch the cats

    is this the right time for any of this? no. is there ever a right time for anything?

    all i know is my neighbor of many years backed her stuff and i got a moving van

    and i thought high tailed it to somewhere but tonight shes up there

    with  a man!

    and theyre just laughing and laughing which i hadnt heard in a little while

    so cheers to that and cheers to her

    maybe shes been eating some baked goods too.