the thing about writing is

the best times to tell stories and the best time to reveal things and the best times you’re interesting

are the times you really dont wanna write at all

and thats when your world is inside out and youre in a free fall

and you think youre gonna die.

during those times every part of your brain is firing because its trying to protect you from freaking out

and every sliver of fear is done stretching and theyre now ready to run.

problem is, im not fixin to die.

im tony pierce. busblog. king of siam. leader of the underdogs.

defender of freedom.

all of this is happening for all the right reasons and my network of angels are working overtime to get me where i need to be

just like the done when i wanted to go to the world series.

did i deserve to go there, and the parade afterwards? no.

no more so than any one else.

likewise i dont deserve all these people writing and DMing me and emailing me to provide help. and i feel bad when i dont seem super eager when they offer me this or that.

unfortunately i want the world.

unfortunately i know what i want, and i can see the future, and i can read peoples hearts, and when i tell them about every purplish vein in there it can be jarring and uncomfortable.

which is why even though its so damn cliche i would love to start a podcast and get it going fast. today i was procrastinating reading the bible because i didnt do it on sunday and the whole time i was all i wanna interview him and her and him and her.

i got to rodney on the roq. and i imagined what id ask him. and i predicted how he would get shy and how i would ask him about his shyness

and i would ask him do you know that morrissey song ask

shyness is nice / but shyness can stop you / from doing all the things in life you want to

i want a podcast so i can ask a music legend if he is familiar with a hit tune from a music legend that he helped get big, and ask him if he feels seen with that song.

because no one else is dumb enough to ask it.

and to me, thats wanting the world.