ive seen a bunch of movies the four weeks

i have the amc theater subscription that lets you see three movies a week for $25 a month.

it can be imax, 3d, premium theaters, anything, and it’s a good chunk of what’s out there.

living in hollywood, theres 7 theaters within a 9.5 radius of me. over 70 different screens.

but lets say you’re enjoying a few days out in palm springs or scottsdale and wanna see Gloria Bell

well you can do that too

i saw Us the same day i saw the Motley Crue thing on Netflix and it pained me to realize i liked the trashy hair metal bio pic better than the stylized mind trip masquerading as a horror flick.

im told Us is better the second time, and i must say i feel the same way about The Dirt.

another guilty pleasure was The Beach Bum which is utterly ridiculous but was beautiful to watch

and i felt supercharged afterwards.

arent movies supposed to be art?

isn’t it interesting to watch your buttons get pushed and your feelings get futzed with

while your senses are tingling, in my case, additionally due to the on-the-money soundtrack

maybe im an easy audience but i also liked Alita: Battle Angel

i wasn’t expecting much but i was more than impressed by the live action / animation sfx bruiser

plus you have christoph waltz and mahersala ali – four oscars between them – in surprisingly intricate roles

i dont know why i expected a james cameron / robert rodriguez movie to be bad, but im an idiot

was not in the slightest bit scared during the remake of Pet Semetary, the story steven king says was the one story that freaked him out.

is there something wrong with me? probably. i will cry in movies no problem but rarely am i scared.

is it because ive seen it all? am i really a million years old?

i thought it was a trudge through most of it, but i was stunned at how well the third act was.

still i give it a D and feel totally alienated when i read good reviews about it

Dumbo was another one that i had low expectations for and that Disney magic got me

how do they do it?

last night i saw Shazam in imax at citywalk

you dont have to watch it on a giant screen but it sure looked good.

i laughed i cried i cheered. this is my favorite movie of the year so far.

it is everything you should want from a comic book superhero origin story

whoever the dude is playing shazam couldnt have been more perfect

dc has done an excellent job of putting b and c-list actors in leading roles for

wonder woman, aquaman, and now shazam

and because the movies are so well written and well made

the movies become monsters and the stars become super famous.

its money ball for movies.