all my electronics died today

phone, laptop, it was a mess.

tvs worked though, and since i have three of them i put em to work.

watched a mess of Nardwuars. greatest interviewer of all time.

watched a few hours of Steve Albini talk about analogue vs digital and how some recording studios are terrible but the barns outside next to them are way better, acoustically.

listened to duff from guns n roses talk about punk and then watched him jam with janes addiction

saw an old velvet revolver appearance on letterman and forgot how good they were

watched dave on carson commiserate about leno stealing the tonight show from him

then watched conan do about the same thing on dave’s show about leno stealing the tonight show from him

then took a nap

then watched the cubs game

then had a serious discussion with amber which ended up with her agreeing and agreeing as she dozed off to sleep

when i was a teenager. 16 or so. i spent the summer learning how to sail in sausalito.

little boats that loved to capsize in the middle of that freezing cold bay.

some days itd be so windy it would create white caps on the top of the water

and some days, these would be rare mind you, but there wouldnt be any wind

you had to race in both conditions and in all the elements in between.

these were great lessons for a young person to learn:

how do you win when theres lots of activity and how do you win when theres none.

if you try the same techniques when its not windy as you do in the wind, you will lose by a mile.

wasnt any wind today inside my house. tons outside.

cubs lost