have i told you i have the greatest friends? i do.

And some of them have the greatest backyards where on special occasions we gather, sing songs and celebrate how lucky we are to know each other.

Last night we showed love to the birthday boy Dylan Callaghan who serenaded us with originals and covers by The Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub and many others.

I don’t drink a lot of booze these days, but I’ve gotta say, because I knew it was gonna be a long, warm, beautiful night I did have a glass when I arrived. And maybe another after that, and maybe a third (!) soon after.

I am such a sucker for a good red wine and Dylan and his wife had such a delicious spread of food, a bartender, and a wide assortment of people.

I arrived at 9… left around 3.

It’s hard to believe in luck. But I must say, of the things I am eternally grateful for, it is the people who I met in college who are such delightful people.

We can talk about anything. They are all so smart and talented. Rarely do we focus on “the good old days” because we continue to have new good days.

When they talk about their kids or their dogs or their jobs or their cars it’s almost always funny.

We laugh and laugh at pretty much everything.

And time flies on nights like last night the same way they did when we were beachside in Isla Vista.

Thank you God for these people. Probably the biggest blessing in my life.