couldnt sleep last night – nervous about a phone call i was having today

was it a job interview? not really. more like a pitch. but i didnt know it was gonna be a pitch. i thought it was gonna be something else. i didnt know what it was going to be. i knew it was gonna be a phone call.

maybe. hopefully. then it turned out it was. which was good. three people on the call. had only known one. other two i had only read about and heard of.

my voice gets really high when im nervous. had no reason to be nervous. only people who are lying should be nervous. this was not a lie. it was the biggest truth ever. it was basically: heres this thing i want to make for you that probably wont pay off immediately but not far down the road mama mia will you think this was genius.

and i gotta say there werent a lot of hard questions. some good ones. some right on the money. i was asked if i knew of this other thing, and i had known of that other thing, so hopefully they saw i wasnt a total dummy.

but its sorta like this. in baseball you can hit the ball hard 3-4 times in the game. and still make outs because it goes right to center, or right in the 3rd baseman’s glove. or just a little foul. you did everything right but it just wasnt your night.

i feel that way about spring. i have had the best opportunities, with the coolest people, and we are communicating clearly, but it just doesn’t sing.

also i didnt figure out the name for it until just now — the great rock n roll census.

it’s nobodys fault. there’s no hard feelings. no ill will. it’s just: thank you next. so tomorrow im going to do the unspeakable. im going to start a podcast.

since i slept so poorly last night and had a headache after the call i took a little nap. and during the nap i had a dream. in the dream i just took the bus and got off the bus somewhere where no other typical podcaster would ever get off the bus. dangerous? you bet. but who cares, the cubs won the world series. and i saw it.

so i get off the bus and walk down the street and ask some kids, hey what are you doing over there? and either they run away, stab me, or tell me. that’s a .333 chance of something good, which would get you in the hall of fame in baseball. so thats one category: hey what are you doing?

the other is: hey what goes on over here? other day i was in glendale. i was in the library reading but i really wanted to go outside and smoke a joint because i was getting depressed. so i went out to the library to the adjoining park. there were what appeared to be semi retired gang members there playing classic rock on an old school boom box.

because im 239874 years old i knew every song coming out of that boom box, but i didnt have enough weed to share with the entire posse so i just kept walking over to the far end of the park. when out of no where a security guard went over to the gentleman and caused them to raise their voices at him.

if i had been more prepared, i would have walked over and said, he what goes on over here and stuck my microphone out so you could all hear.

another category would be: hows biz? where i walk down random streets and talk to small business owners about the state of the economy, the history of their establishment, and can i have a taste of that thing over there?

the way i look at it, i could probably wake up at noon and be done interviewing people by 4. edit that audio, make corresponding blog posts by 6-7 and probably get a few thousand people to chip in a couple bucks a month for what i would call LA IS OK.

heres how i figure it. a man of my age and education should be making six figures by now. that’s like 8,500 a month. if i could get 4,250 paying subscribers to flow $2 a month, boom, done.

granted thats more than read the busblog every month now that blogs are dead. but you know me, ive never had a hard time getting an audience when i want one. and like ive just laid out, i’ll be in danger, i’ll be educating people, i’ll be showing off the greatest city in the world, and there will probably be music.

tomorrow i will start with a pregnant person i know (pictured) who is due to have her first baby any day now. she wants me to take her to this salad place known to induce some women right there on the spot. so what better to Christian a pod than water breaking? or if we get lucky i’ll have to speed her to the hospital. have no fear, the tape will be rolling.

155 well-known musicians 70 or older


Tony Bennett – 92
Harry Belafonte – 92
Burt Bacharach – 90
Ennio Morricone – 90
Loretta Lynn – 87
John Williams – 87
Willie Nelson – 86
Quincy Jones – 86
Little Richard – 86
Yoko Ono – 86
John Mayall – 85
Richard Chamberlain – 85
Herb Alpert – 84
Pat Boone – 84
Jerry Lee Lewis – 83
Johnny Mathis – 83
Sam Moore – 83
Kris Kristofferson – 82
Buddy Guy – 82
Charlie Daniels – 82
Don Everly – 82
Frankie Valli – 82
Wanda Jackson – 81
Charley Pride – 81
Kenny Rogers – 80
Bill Withers – 80
Gordon Lightfoot – 80
Smokey Robinson – 79
Herbie Hancock – 79
Mavis Staples – 79
Tina Turner – 79
Ginger Baker – 79
Ian Hunter – 79
Grace Slick – 79
Spencer Davis – 79
Giorgio Moroder – 79
Bob James – 79
Phil Lesh – 79
Neil Diamond – 78
Joan Baez – 78
Ringo Starr – 78
Aaron Neville – 78
Ann-Margret – 78
Mike Love – 78
Dionne Warwick – 78
Tom Jones – 78
Toni Tennille – 78
Bob Dylan – 77
Barbra Streisand – 77
David Crosby – 77
Graham Nash – 77
Charlie Watts – 77
George Clinton – 77
Darlene Love – 77
Paul Simon – 77
Art Garfunkel – 77
Wayne Newton – 77
Carole King – 77
Dr. John – 77
Helen Reddy – 77
Paul Anka – 77
John McLaughlin – 77
Eric Burdon – 77
Mark Lindsay – 77
Paul McCartney – 76
Brian Wilson – 76
Andy Summers – 76
Sly Stone – 76
Mike Nesmith – 76
Jean-Luc Ponty – 76
Rodriguez – 76
Taj Mahal – 76
Mick Jagger – 75
Keith Richards – 75
Jimmy Page – 75
Diana Ross – 75
Roger Daltrey – 75
Joni Mitchell – 75
Randy Newman – 75
Roger Waters – 75
David Gilmour – 75
Steve Miller – 75
Julio Iglesias – 75
Albert Lee -75
Geddy Lee – 75
Tony Orlando – 75
Barry Manilow – 75
Dickey Betts – 75
Eric Clapton – 74
Rod Stewart – 74
Stephen Stills – 74
Bob Seger – 74
Jeff Beck – 74
Billy Cobham – 74
Robbie Robertson – 74
Jon Anderson – 74
Ray Davies – 74
Boz Scaggs – 74
Gladys Knight – 74
Tim Rice – 74
Robin Trower – 74
Dolly Parton – 73
Neil Young – 73
John Fogerty – 73
John Paul Jones – 73
Pete Townshend – 73
Debbie Harry – 73
Van Morrison – 73
Itzhak Perlman – 73
Steve Martin – 73
Bette Midler – 73
Don McLean – 73
Al Green – 73
Elton John – 72
Iggy Pop – 72
Robert Fripp – 72
Dennis DeYoung – 72
Jimmy Buffett – 72
Linda Ronstadt – 72
Cher – 72
Daryl Hall – 72
Carmine Appice – 72
Ry Cooder – 72
Steve Howe – 72
Howard Shore – 72
Melanie – 72
Steven Tyler – 71
Kenny Loggins – 71
Jim Messina – 71
Brian May – 71
Joe Walsh – 71
Bob Weir – 71
Mick Fleetwood – 71
Ronnie Wood – 71
James Taylor – 71
Carlos Santana – 71
John Oates – 71
Stephen Sondheim – 71
Donald Fagan – 71
Andrew Lloyd Webber – 71
Ian Anderson – 71
T Bone Burnett – 71
Ozzy Osbourne – 70
Robert Plant – 70
Stevie Nicks – 70
Steve Perry – 70
Grace Jones – 70
Rick Ocasek – 70
Billy Joel – 70
Jackson Browne – 70
Ted Nugent – 70
Cat Stevens – 70
Lulu – 70
Steve Winwood – 70
Brian Eno – 70
Brian Ferry – 70

when i was in high school there was this bus

and it took high school seniors to a college in iowa where you only had to take one class a day for about month.

you were in that class for like three hours a day, maybe four, every day

when you went home you did your homework for a few hours and after that you were done for the day.

cornell college.

then at the end of the month you’d take your finals and then youd get a few days off

next month youd start a new class.


when i was 17 i knew i wasnt going to no cornell college in iowa, i knew i was coming to californee

but i was intrigued to be able to spend the night in iowa at a real college.

none of my friends from my high school wanted to come with, and that was fine with me.

on the bus i saw these two beautiful girls.

one was named rise the other was tracey. i was shy, but on that bus i said to myself fuckit, im moving to california in a few months, what do i have to lose?

and we talked all the way to dumb cornell college and all the way back the next day.

i was instantly in love with tracey (not pictured), but i kept in touch with both of them via the post. we’d send letters and cards and phone once in a while. what have you.

right before i turned 21 i had some time on my hands and rise was in switzerland at some fancy college and she said come out and we can travel around europe a little.

and sure enough i had made enough money selling tvs on commission that i said, fine!

and rise had this korean roomate named ae, who just happened to be from iowa, and i fell in love with her immediately. pictured. we all traveled around switzerland for a little while then paris. we spoke so much french i started dreaming in french. it was loco.

then the girls had to go back to college and i kept roaming europe. first germany and then scandanavia.

best month of my life until october / early november 2016

and it all started with a bus ride

to nowhere

for no good reason