am i here to inspire

am i here to give hope?

can i do that when im in this weird transition?

it was rough today, i gotta admit, coming back to reality after being in paradise with a beautiful woman.

i applied for jobs i had never considered before. people are still giving me leads and thats so sweet of them. in the beginning i would drag my feet about it, but now im like, yep, lets apply, fine, who knows where this will lead.

one company was a tad annoying though, they asked for your LinkedIn url, and a resume… but then they made you manually redo all of that into another site.

why do you hate us?

one of the questions they asked was my high school address. do people lie about going to high school?

then the cubs lost. then my parking permit fell off my mirror and i got a ticket. then then then….

it wasnt a great day.

theyre not all gonna be stellar.

people are not returning emails. people who i thought i clicked with in initial interviews. one place asked me to analyze their website and social channels and i told them things i bet you nooooobody even thought about telling them, SEO magic tricks

i wrote them back on Monday and nothing. not a peep. a full on thank you next.

did the guy think i was too smart? too handsome? did he think it was a set up?

how do you not call me back when i show you how to improve your site in a way that will double traffic or more on Google and it’s just a few lines of HTML?

is everyone’s hearts hardened?

is this supposed to be happening for a reason? surely the reason cant be for me to go back to Ubering.

cubs shouldnta lost.