palm reader said, yo, come here

i was all no thank you

she said oh im not trying to give you a reading, i have to ask you a question

i said, whats your question

she said, you always seem so happy. whats your secret?

i was like, oh, simple. the cubs won the world series.

she was all, but that was in 2016.

i said, seems like yesterday.

and as i was walking home she said, thats it? a bunch of people you dont know, all wearing the same color score more points than the other team and for the rest of your life you’re in a good mood?

i kept walking and said pretty much

she said, wait wait, what?

i stopped and said, that season lasted six months. from spring training i knew they were gonna do it. then every month good things happened. then they won. now imagine in the spring you thought bad things were gonna happen, then every month horrible things went down. then in novemember so many bad things happened that millions of people filled the streets. you might still be bummed years later. well, the opposite happened. miracles after miracles. then a huge parade. and now joy. probably forever.