zero hour nine am

there is so much to like about Rocket Man, the sorta musical about Elton John’s life and career

and very little not to like: perfectly fine acting, singing, visuals

but something seemed missing.

maybe because we know how it ends

maybe because it just seems like the standard old rock and roll story:

unloved kid succeeds at sex drugs rock. or does he?

in fictional films theres a lot more at stake, more dynamic highs and lows.

even at his lowest it seems glamorous and fabulous and luxurious.

this is exactly my sort of movie: rock bios. and i learned a lot.

and hats off to Taron Egerton who looked, sounded, and even walked just like Elton.

one thing that was weird and sort of similar to last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody:

just like how they omitted the story of the inclusion of David Bowie for the hit “Under Pressure,” there was no mention of John’s good friend Princess Diana.