1. Saturday, May 25, 2019

    i have a pretty good idea for a side thing 

    im going to have to invest about $600, maybe $700 because i need to go to disneyland

    there, i will walk around.

    the rest is secret.

    but legal.

    have no fear.

    id really like to go with my buddy todd who is at disneyland a few times a month.

    whats funny is today i first texted him and received no response.

    then later in the night i called him. something i had done last week and it went straight to voicemail. tonight it did not go to voicemail immediately. it rang a few times and then i left a message.

    i have no idea how i became this way, but over time i started taking things personally.

    people are busy, they have their own trips, they have an entire universe spinning around them

    im just one star out there glimmering next to a thousand just like me

    and even though i dont even really look at me as a star at all, maybe more semi stealth helicopter looking for a car chase

    if i dont get a return call my feelings get hurt.

    which is crazy because whos got time for feelings these days

    anyway i wanna change the world and todd if youre reading this call me back

    thank you