the cats are asleep, the girl is asleep

it’s 4:06am and I’ve gotta be up at a reasonable hour.

whoops one of the cats is awake. Prince.

dry heaving.

i fed them wet food as a treat because the cubs broke out of their losing streak.

he probably ate too much, cuz i never give them that.

id switched over recently from a non name brand to something more moist, let’s say.

they both loved it.

amber dared me to get all the crap out of my apartment thats been piling up over 20 years.

she did not say it in a fairy tale voice, i’ll tell you that.

so today i began because i have a hard time resisting dares.

i found my first press pass, my high school ID, and a baseball i got signed by Baba Booey when i interviewed him for the Times. what a good guy.

i also found my diary from college on a 5 1/4 floppy.

in order to read it i will have to buy an Apple IIc, which i just may because I would love to know what i wrote.

i have had a super weird and wonderful life.

this part right now feels like a free fall.

but there is this ride at Disney World that they used to call the Twilight Zone. it’s an elevator drop ride. the truest and i rode it like 10 times because it’s amazing.

you go in an elevator and they dick around for a while then they drop you

and you think youre gonna die.

every time you think that’s it, the thing is broken.

and then Disney steps in and slows it down to a smooth end.

and you’re so relieved that you didn’t die that you get right back in line and do it again.

i’m not going to die. nor does it feel like it. maybe this is the dicking around part, who knows.

but i know how it ends.

with smiles and relief.