does this current spate of bad luck and rejection kill you?

a little

does it make you think that you will probably die penniless and heartbroken?

my heart heals quickly

does it make you worry that you will become a mumbling old guy in a robe stumbling down hollywood blvd?


does it make you feel washed up, unloved, and underestimated?


will you give up?


will you sell out?


do you regret the choices that you made that lead to whatever this is right now?

since i based my choices out of trust, honest communication, and the desire to make others happy and help them, hell no.

you have so many ideas, why don’t you try one or two of them?

i may have to resort to that.

if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to?

sir, this is a wendy’s

there is nothing you cant do

this month marks my 35th summer as a california resident

in 1984 i had a poster of madonna in a wedding dress on my wall,

the same one she would grind on at the mtv vmas

and tonight i watched Lizzo shock the world with a two note flute solo like no other

on the bet awards, at the microsoft theater,

an entire complex that didn’t exist last century

for the entire time that i have been here this is the one thing that i see every day:

you can do it

yes you

look at her

look at him

look at them

you can do it

yes you can

how will you do it

when will you do it

you dont have to do it

but youre doing something anyway

why not do it

you can do it

fuck it, do it

you can do it.

theres 500 places you can get a taco in LA

some guy, today, opened the 501st

you can do it

he can do it

you can do it

look at her do it.

its in the breeze its in the sky

there will be one cloud up there

and it will be shaped