1. Saturday, June 8, 2019

    heres what i dont wanna be 

    i dont wanna be a sell out loser phony baloney two face nonsense maker

    i dont wanna do things that anyone else can do

    in a fancy cheese store in the south of france i dont wanna be sliced american

    i wanna be brie but not any old cheapass dumbshit hey target has brie? brie.

    i wanna have a little kick to it.

    i want to make that ritz cracker say dude this would be so much better on a baguette

    in a bakery tucked away in nowheresville i wanna be a skinny baguette your true love tucks under their arm

    or puts in a basket on a bike and ring ring as they pedal down the cobblestone

    i wanna be something thats not like the other things but not in a showoff way but in a

    fuck yeah way.

    i’ll probably frighten those prone to being frightened.

    not because im reckless or dangerous or wild or scary.

    but because im free.

    i wanna be me.