can you do it again

is there anything left in that secret bag?

was it all total luck?

who are you and is that a good thing

or a great thing?

the mysteries are there because who wants to know how it’s gonna end.

you can do it again.

i was asked the simplest questions the other day and it was like when a pitcher throws a batter

a slow ball.

they call it a change up because your whole life you learn at first to hit the fast ball and then the curve

then someone, especially in a pressure situation, just throws up the easiest ball to hit but sooooo slowly and you get to anxious

and you whiff.

i whiffed on the two easiest questions the other day and if i was able to get a redo id knock it outta the park

but how often do we get a chance to try it again, slower? hardly ever.

like the guy in hamilton said, make sure your palms aren’t sweaty,
knees strong, arms aren’t heavy
iron your shirt, eat your mom’s spaghetti

this morning i was greeted by a flurry of emails

it was all about a job posting for a gig i am definitely qualified for but it might involve a bit of drama and im totally no drama o’busblog.

but what do i do, keep living off my good looks? i would like to get back to work.

because nothing in here is true i can tell you that amber and i have been bickering a bit since i hit the dole. which is also unusual. but then the other day, the day that i remembered that the cubs had won the world series and i should be happy with that for the rest of my life and everything is gravy and relax dude, we suddenly clicked back into gear again and everything was rainbows and butterflies.

you think thats fake but i no lie.

we can turn on anger and madness and bitterness and hate, just as quickly as we can shut it down. we think we cant but we wrong. we are powerful creatures capable of what the children call “magic”, and thus we should use it for good things.

so i just told her baby i dont care about anything other than your happiness and our joy and if you wanna do x y and z and not a b and c, no probs. lincoln freed the slaves. im not going to stand in your way of absolute freedom. you do you and if you wanna include me then great. i have a library of books to read and miles to go before i sleep. and then this weekend happened (even though it fell on a wednesday and thursday) and it was beautiful although i may have broken my foot.

but i have obamacare so i may hobble up the hill and have it removed. i think i need new sneakers. i think i wore out the spring. theres spring in my step, dont get me wrong, but i think it’s gone outta the shoe. maybe i should buy the shoe first then see the doc.

anyways i dont think imma apply for that job because im not here to make anyone uncomfortable. thats not the super power i wanna have. i wanna have the one where i help inspire people to be their best selves. cheesy as that may sound. but it’s true and those were the best jobs ive had.