im gonna start a podcast this weekend

im not gonna release it until i have 25 episodes in the can

it’s gonna be good.

for a long time i avoided podcasts because everyone has one and who needs another one

and who wants to rush into an oversaturated situation

but thats a silly way to look at anything.

i wouldnt tell people not to get a twitter account or a facebook, merely because everyones on it.

and when it came to blogs, i have always encouraged people to have multiple blogs – even during the blogosphere era when literally everyone *did* have blogs.

i also wanna do this podcast because i am competitive and it would be interesting to see if i could make something that adds to whatever is out there.

one of the voices that goes through your head when youre getting rejected by places you would love to work at is, “you are no longer of value. find a hole to crawl into. despite the economy booming and unemployment at its lowest in years, you should sell oranges in a parking lot out of a baby carriage. go sleep in your fancy car!”

so it would be nice to see if i could do something most bloggers haven’t done all that successfully en mass.

except my friends of course.


i was thinking about calling the podcast All My Friends, Ranked

but i love them, and ranking is passe

then i was thinking about calling it 25 lies and a Truth

but dont we have enough bullshit right now

i know what i want but its twitter handle is taken