1. Saturday, July 6, 2019

    always be prepared 

    i wasnt a boy scout but i was a cub scout and then webelo and i loved them both

    and one thing that stuck with me was to be prepared.

    so with this rash of earthquakes here in LA, reddit has been a good place for people to show off their emergency bags and this guy showed his today

    and people weren’t having it.

    they said the water supply was too low, as was the food,

    and this person should have a 12 inch wrench to turn off the gas

    and gas masks to filter out the toxic air

    and way more clothes and prescriptions and weed and booze and blankets

    although i think the altoids might actually be weed.

    their feedback made me nervous because i dont think i have enough water now

    or a wrench or the proper gas masks

    all of which i will buy this week because

    i loved cub scouts